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Docklight Tap is a compact RS232 data tap solution for high performance, time critical monitoring via USB. It is especially designed to ensure low latency for the data capturing.
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Docklight Tap 1-9 License Slab   282.81 AddtoCart
Docklight Tap 10-10 License Slab   261.86 AddtoCart
The Docklight software supports the Docklight Tap - the Docklight Communication Mode "Monitoring" offers fast and direct access to the two Docklight Tap data directions. This allows full duplex RS232 monitoring applications with much higher accuracy compared to standard USB-to-Serial accessories.Docklight Tap has three connectors:
1. SUB D9 Female, 1:1 link between Device 1 and Device 2
2. SUB D9 Male, 1:1 link between Device 1 and Device 2
3.USB Serial Converters A + B Mini USB connector, monitoring communication of both directions with Docklight