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Are you a teacher or professor that needs to make your Microsoft Word documents readable to your students with vision and learning disabilities? MathDaisyâ„¢ enables you to save documents in the DAISY Digital Talking Book format with accessible math. Your students can use MathPlayer-enabled DAISY player software to read your classroom materials in the manner that suits their abilities and preferences best.
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Make math accessible to your students with disabilities!

So you need to make your classroom materials accessible?

Many state and local educational institutions are now requiring teachers, instructors, and professors to make classroom materials they create accessible to students with disabilities. In the past, this has been difficult to do, especially for materials containing math. MathDaisy now makes it possible for you to save Word documents containing equations as a DAISY electronic book that can be read by your students using MathPlayer-enabled DAISY player software on a personal computer or a dedicated eBook reader.

What is MathDaisy?

MathDaisy works with Microsoft Word, Microsoft's Save As DAISY add-in, and MathType. As you might guess from its name, Save As DAISY adds a "Save As DAISY" menu item to Word's File menu. This command saves the document as a DAISY Digital Talking Book ready to be used in an eBook reader. MathDaisy enhances the Word-to-DAISY conversion process, converting the equations in the document to MathML as required by the DAISY format.

What if my situation is different?

The landscape of products supporting DAISY is constantly evolving. If you are interested in any of the following,

  • Batch conversion to DAISY: A Disabled Student Services or Assistive Technology Center (DSS/ATC) worker supporting teachers and professors converting documents for student use might want to convert Word documents to DAISY Books in a batch process.
  • Apple iWork: If you are interested in seeing Save As DAISY integration with Apple Pages, please let Apple know directly via their .
  • OpenOffice: Teachers and professors authoring with OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Word.
  • Converting PDF or scanned documents: InftyReader may be used to convert legacy PDF or scanned documents to MS Word format, then Save As DAISY used to turn that into DAISY format.
  • Converting DAISY to other accessible formats: While DAISY format can be read directly with a DAISY player, it can also be converted to other accessible forms that the disabled student might prefer. Services are available for performing such conversions.