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Nessus Certification Bundle

Includes: On Demand Training / Certification Exam
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1 Year Nessus Certification Bundle Subscription(New)   787.06 AddtoCart
Nessus is a powerful tool with features that can help security professionals secure even the most vulnerable networks. To get the most out of the tool, you need to understand when and how to use the features in the latest version of Nessus. That’s where our Nessus On Demand Training comes in – a hands-on course providing security professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform vulnerability and compliance scans. In this online, on demand course, you will construct custom scan policies for topology discovery, network vulnerability detection, credentialed patch audits and compliance benchmarks while discussing the underlying technologies of the Nessus Scanner.
Once training is complete, show off your achievement by taking the online, proctored exam to become a Tenable Certified Nessus Auditor. Once you successfully complete the requirements of this certification track, you will be recognized as having in-depth knowledge of the Nessus vulnerability scanner and the underlying technical concepts.