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Includes: 1 Year ProfessionalFeed / On Demand Training / Certification Exam
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BUN-NESOD-POW Nessus 1-Year Power Auditor Bundle   3176.25 AddtoCart
BUN-NESOD-POW-2 Nessus 2-Year Power Auditor Bundle   4573.80 AddtoCart
BUN-NESOD-POW-3 Nessus 3-Year Power Auditor Bundle   5970.80 AddtoCart
Supercharge Nessus with instant database updates for the newest vulnerability checks and compliance auditing, professional features and access to the customer support portal. Combined with Nessus training, ProfessionalFeed users will be able to:
  • Access the newest Nessus plugins as soon as they are released
  • Manage scheduled scans from the Tenable Nessus web interface for daily, weekly, monthly and other types of audits
  • Perform an unlimited amount of complete PCI-DSS compliance audits
  • Perform web application audits of custom and embedded applications to test for cross site scripting, SQL injection and much more.
  • Conduct application, router and SQL database configuration audits against CERT, CIS, DISA STIGs, GLBA, HIPAA, NIST SCAP FDCC, NSA and PCI standards.
  • Conduct content audits such as adult content, personally identifiable information (credit cards, SSN, etc.) in corporate spreadsheets, and much more
  • SCADA vulnerability checks to detect and audit Control System devices
  • Virtual Appliance - access to a download of a Nessus 4 VMware Virtual Appliance, that works with VMware ESX, Server, Workstation and Fusion
  • Support - Access to operational and technical assistance from Tenable's experienced support staff with regards to the deployment and use of their scanners, as well as the writing of audit policies for the compliance checks or content checks