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Sysomos MAP is a social research engine that delivers deep, actionable insights into the people and conversations that matter most to your brand. Whether it’s identifying key influencers, understanding customer sentiment, or tracking social strategies over time, MAP is your key to making sense of social media data.
The social web is vast and finding the right conversations can be challenging. MAP simplifies this by doing the heavy lifting for you. From blogs, forums, news sites, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more, MAP brings you the complete, real-time picture – including when conversations started, how they spread, and what’s happening right now – enabling you to search, analyze, and identify trends across the social sphere as they happen.

Visualize the influence 
Discover when your tweet hit its tipping point with powerful tools within MAP, like Tweet Life. Find out where a tweet started, who spread it, what inspired that interest, and how many times it was re-tweeted or shared.

Influencer Communities 
You’re always saying you want to get more involved in the community. Dig deep and discover clusters of active users, understand what brings them together, and surface relevant ways to engage with them.

When speed counts, relevance matters 
Built on a foundation of patented data science, MAP surfaces the results you need, when you need them. Designed around you, always see the information that matters most with custom saved searches across your brands, campaigns, or clients – enabling you to quickly assemble a beautiful dashboard that tells a comprehensive story at-a-glance.