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Copernic Summarizer
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Copernics easy-to-use summarizing software dramatically increases your productivity and efficiency by creating concise document summaries of any file or Web page so you spend considerably less time reading without missing any important information.

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PublisherPartNo Description Price Download Size Currencyd ,OriginalListPrice,Original DiscountedPrice
Copernic Summarizer
AddtoCart 138  29.95 29.95
Copernic Summarizer Educational license
AddtoCart 138  20.96 20.96
Copernic Summarizer Government license
AddtoCart 138  20.96 20.96
Copernic Summarizer 2-4 licenses
AddtoCart 138  24.95 24.95
Copernic Summarizer 5-14 licenses
21.95(-10%) 19.76
AddtoCart 138  21.95 19.76
Copernic Summarizer 15-29 licenses
18.95(-10%) 17.06
AddtoCart 138  18.95 17.06
Copernic Summarizer 30-49 licenses
14.95(-10%) 13.46
AddtoCart 138  14.95 13.46
Copernic Summarizer 50+ licenses
9.95(-10%) 8.96
AddtoCart 138  9.95 8.96
Copernic Summarizer 2-4 Educational/Governmental licenses
AddtoCart 138  22.46 22.46
Copernic Summarizer 5-14 Educational/Governmental licenses
AddtoCart 138  19.76 19.76
Copernic Summarizer 15-29 Educational/Governmental licenses
17.06(-10%) 15.35
AddtoCart 138  17.06 15.35
Copernic Summarizer 30-49 Educational/Governmental licenses
13.46(-10%) 12.11
AddtoCart 138  13.46 12.11
Copernic Summarizer 50+ Educational/Governmental licenses
8.96(-10%) 8.06
AddtoCart 138  8.96 8.06

Copernics easy-to-use summarizing software dramatically increases your productivity and efficiency by creating concise document summaries of any file or Web page so you spend considerably less time reading without missing any important information.

Copernics easy-to-use summarizing software dramatically increases your productivity and efficiency by creating concise document summaries of any file or Web page.

Using sophisticated statistical and linguistic algorithms, it pinpoints the key concepts and extracts the most relevant sentences, resulting in a Web site or document summary that is a shorter, condensed version of the original text.

Feature Overview

Creates document summaries of any text file (including PDFs) or Web page

Copernic Summarizer can analyze a text of any length, on any subject, in any one of four languages, and create a document summary as short or as long as you want it to be. It can summarize Word documents, Web pages, PDF files, email messages and even text from the Clipboard.

Integrates into the most popular applications

You can obtain document summaries quickly by clicking the Summarize button or by choosing the appropriate menu item integrated into applications such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader, Outlook Express, Eudora, Microsoft Word, and Outlook.

Continuous real-time summaries as you browse the Web

Copernic LiveSummarizer appears as a pane at the bottom of the Internet Explorer window. As you browse the Web, it displays in real time a concise summary of the Web page that is currently open. That way, you no longer have to read the entire page to find out if it is useful.

Uses WebEssence, a proprietary content filtering technology

Thanks to our patent pending WebEssence technology, which automatically removes from Web pages irrelevant text and content (such as ads and navigation items), Copernic Summarizer focuses on the essential text elements, which results in even more relevant summaries.

Intuitive interface makes it even easier and quicker to use

Designed to enhance user experience, Copernic Summarizer is simple and geared to increase productivity. Features like the dynamic menu provide you with context sensitive access to the most commonly used tasks and commands.

Export and share results using a variety of file formats

Once summaries have been generated, they can be printed, saved (in plain text, Microsoft Word, HTML and XML formats) or e-mailed, simplifying not only the way you store information but also how you share it with your friends and colleagues.

Floating Bar provides quick access to the most used features

The Floating Bar is a small toolbar that stays on top of the other applications on your screen, providing you with instant access to Copernic Summarizers main features. Simply drag a file, text selection, or hyperlink onto the bar and it will be summarized quickly and easily.

Easily retrieve the information that matters.

General Features

  • Produces document summary reports for text contents by processing documents, Web pages, hyperlinks, email messages and other files.
  • Can summarize a document from a file without opening it (Drag & Drop command allowed).
  • Can summarize a Web Page from a URL address without opening it, directly from the software main screen or via its extensions in Windows or integrated client applications.
  • Summarizes text document from the Clipboard.
  • Produces document summary of unopened documents in various compatible file formats (.doc, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, .htm, .html and .url).
  • Can summarize documents in English, French, German and Spanish.
  • Generates summary reports with key concepts (up to 100) and key sentences according to the configured or customized summary length.
  • Offers whole document or selected part of a document summary functionalities.
  • Can refine a summary report by deleting selected concepts and sentences, with an automatic summary updating when a concept is deleted.
  • Highlights concepts in key sentences.
  • Can modify in real-time the summary length value of a document summary (percentage or maximum number of required words).
  • Exports summary reports to various file formats (HTML, XML, Rich Text Format and Text file) and appended to files.
  • Copies summary concepts and key sentences into another document.
  • Sends summary reports to one or more recipients.
  • Offers Print command for summary reports.
  • Special Extensions and Integrated Features

  • Provides a floating bar to give continuous and quick access to the main functions of Copernic Summarizer and to allow using Drag & Drop to summarize text contents of a text selection, hyperlink or compatible file from any other type of application.
  • Features a system tray icon which allows users to open the floating bar and provides direct access to several contextual commands.
  • Offers a summarize command in the right-click menu of the Windows file manager.
  • Can summarize documents directly from the following applications: Internet Explorer 4.0 (or later), Netscape Navigator 4.x/6.0, Word 97/2000/2002(XP), Outlook 97/98/2000/2002(XP), Outlook Express 4.0/5.0 and Eudora 4.x/5.x.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer integration includes these added features:
  • 1. a Summarize button on the main toolbar (IE 5.0 or later); a Summarize command in the Tools menu (IE 5.0 or later) and the right-click menu;

    2. a LiveSummarizer Bar with a corresponding command and button in the menu and on the main toolbar featuring dynamic summarization of Web pages, tracing of key concept occurrences, shortcut commands and specific customization options.

  • Netscape Navigator, Word, Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora integration includes the summarize menu command and toolbar button.
  • Integrates shortcuts in Copernic 2000 /2001 to Web search for documents containing pre-selected concepts.
  • Configuration and Installation

  • Can configure the default summary length in terms of percentage of words to summarize or maximum number of words to be included.
  • Can configure the display of a column for concept relevancy scores.
  • Can configure special extensions and integrated features.
  • Can configure visual settings for summaries and concepts.
  • Can configure parameters such as language detection and proxies.
  • Othter Specifications

  • Can personalize toolbars and menus by adding, removing and rearranging buttons and items, creating custom toolbars, and using many other related options.
  • Offers dynamic menu for quick and contextual access to most commonly used tasks.
  • Offers a Check software updates command.
  • Features Help menu commands to access technical support, report a problem or suggest a new feature directly.
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