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At its core, Acronis Files Connect is an AFP server that runs on your Windows server and enables Macs to connect to file shares and NAS via Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) instead of the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.
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Nearly instant Spotlight searching across all file shares

 Normally, when Mac users connect over SMB to Windows or NAS file shares, they are limited to filename-only search that has to slowly crawl files shares, for each search issued. With Acronis Files Connect, Macs can connect to file shares via AFP or SMB and perform nearly instant filename and full-content Spotlight searches using our new Mac client application or the default Finder.

Provide fast file access from mobile devices 

Acronis Files Connect expands beyond Macs to provide fast, seamless file access to iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. The Access mobile clients provide rich file browsing, full-content searching, file previewing and editing, as well as selective synchronization for working offline.