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Documentation is crucial to a user’s engagement with a product. The rapid adoption of IT tools and applications—to the extent that we cannot imagine a world without them—is largely owing to the availability of documentation. Software documentation heralded a culture of self-instruction. Documentation tools made inroads into this critical aspect of software usability through self-paced learning almost a decade ago. Since then, Document tools Services have helped numerous clients convert their software newbies to software pros.

IT applications and systems are used globally. Although localization of content is the best way to communicate with locale-specific users, it can prove to be costly. So, English becomes an obvious choice when writing for a global audience. In this case too, the recognized idioms and the favored expressions vary from region to region. However, technical documentation is about presenting information in a language or manner that is accessible to a wide audience without leaving any room for ambiguity, bias, and uncertainty.

Sometimes, combining elements of eLearning and technical documentation heightens the user’s engagement. Multimedia and product demos can help cover a lot of ground and prepare the user to derive the most from technical documentation. The Documentation team is adept at using rapid authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline to create demos that can be embedded in content pages or delivered as standalone learning resources.

Good documentation can reduce the number of calls made to customer care and empower users to get started on their own. To ensure high quality of user guides and technical manuals, we follow a robust four-phase methodology for our technical documentation services.