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Powerful text replace utility, before replacement it shows preview and ask for your confirmation. Can replace texts in files as well rename files or folders.
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AKS Text Replacer 1 User License   40.00 AddtoCart
AKS Text Replacer 2 - 9 User Licenses   30.00 AddtoCart
AKS Text Replacer 10 - 24 User Licenses   23.00 AddtoCart
AKS Text Replacer 25 - 49 User Licenses   19.00 AddtoCart
AKS Text Replacer 50 - 99 User Licenses   14.00 AddtoCart
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AKS Text Replacer 500+ User Licenses   5.00 AddtoCart

Get started with Text Replacer

AKS Text Replacer is a powerful software tool designed to automate the process of search and replace, making it easy and controllable.

Now with “search only” function, which do search with preview, but do not do replace – useful when you not sure about what you need to replace.

Text Replacer key features are:

  • UNICODE support. Replace UTF-8, UTF-16 UNICODE text.
  • Search and Replace inside MS Word files
  • Preview and highlighting during replace
  • Multi-lines support
  • Replacement confirmation and approve – controllable replace process.
  • Search and replace in multi-folders, can include and exclude folders to search in.
  • Rename files with counter or rename with files with numbers in file name.
  • Flexible date and time filters, including exact time filter.
  • Safer search and replace with confirmations and backup
  • Regular expressions
  • Special characters support
  • Batch files and folders renaming

AKS Text Replacer will provide full control over search and replace process. It will allow defining various search conditions and will ask for confirmation before replace. It is not another silent replace utility; this software will show the text as it is and as it will be after replacement.

This feature-rich utility will be useful for software developers, web-masters, anyone who works with plain text documents.

Powerful replace approving functions:

  • Approve each replace operation in file
  • Approve replaces for one file
  • Approve replaces for all files in the folders

The first step of replace process in AKS Text Replacer is specifying the folder to search in and files to search for. The program is very flexible will allow to specify not just one folder to search in, but several folders or even exclude some folders from the search. The same idea is behind files to search. User can specify a single file mask, a list of file masks or specify the link to the file with masks list. If necessary files with some masks can be excluded from the search.

On the second step the text search and replace group should be specified. There might be any number of search and replace groups combined. Moreover, the program is not limited to just a single line text, user is free to use multiline text for search or replace.

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Certainly, there is an interface to specify file size and date filters. On the third step user can specify the size of files that should be found, the creation or modification date for the file. The one feature that software developers like about date filters is that it is possible to specify there exact time, e.g. hours, minutes and seconds, sometime it is crucial to the search and replace task.

What the program will do when it will find necessary text in file which meets certain conditions? It is up to user! AKS Text Replacer can overwrite the original file and replace text there directly or it can place a modified file in some other folder. It is good idea to check “Create backup” checkbox, so the program will create a copy of files before replacing text in them.

What will happen when user will click “Start” button? The program will not work silently; anyone wants to see what happens there and to have an ability to change something. Once the AKS Text Replace will find text in the file, it will should Replace Dialog, where user will see how the file looks now and what it will be like after replacement. There is a possibility to abort the process immediately, if something is wrong, also there are several buttons which make the process easy controllable. User can agree or disagree on this very replacement in this very file or on any replacement in this file or on any replacement in the folder of the file or, if everything looks properly, user can agree on this and all future replacements.

The resulted log file will show how many replacements where made, how many files where browsed and replaced.

Finally, developers have thought about saving time and reuse problem, giving user a possibility to save search and replace options, or what is very useful for software developers or web-masters, to create Windows batch file (.bat), which can be used for automated replacement in future.

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