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ScanFix Xpress ActiveX by Accusoft (formerly Pegasus Imaging Corp.) URLs: scanfix-xpress-activex, scanfix xpress activex, scanfixxpressactivex, accusoft-pegasus, accusoft pegasus, accusoftpegasus Bitonal image enhancement toolkit. ScanFix Xpress ActiveX software development toolkit, offers bitonal document image enhancement technology. Create smaller file sizes and cleaner images, ultimately resulting in higher OCR rates. Clean up images using deskew, noise removal, dot shading.
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ScanFix Xpress ActiveX AnyCPU Development Kit Edition each   3000.00 AddtoCart
ScanFix Xpress ActiveX AnyCPU Runtimes Deployment Licensing 1 - 4 Per Install   2400.00 AddtoCart
ScanFix Xpress ActiveX AnyCPU Runtimes Deployment Licensing 5 - 9 Per Install   2400.00 AddtoCart
ScanFix Xpress ActiveX AnyCPU Runtimes Deployment Licensing 10 - 24 Per Install   2100.00 AddtoCart
ScanFix Xpress ActiveX AnyCPU Runtimes Deployment Licensing 25 - 49+ Per Install   1800.00 AddtoCart

Save time with automated image cleanup processes resulting in improved OCR results and smaller file sizes.

Automated image processing features enable applications to produce cleaner, better images with little or no operator intervention to perform the image processing. Limit the need for users to arrange documents when documents are automatically rotated to an upright orientation.

Save development time using ScanFix Xpress with its easy to use cleanup operations that require less code to be written. Testing time to achieve improved images is reduced by decreasing the complexity of selecting the appropriate cleanup settings.

What ScanFix Xpress will do for you:
  • Lower document preparation time
  • Create cleaner scanned images
  • Reduce file sizes
  • Improve OCR and ICR results
ScanFix Xpress In Your Applications
ScanFix Xpress is the perfect fit for:
Developers building archival systems or content management systems that need to produce cleaner, better images with less manual interventions during the capture process.
Organizations building forms processing solutions, indexing solutions or other capture solutions that need to improve their recognition accuracy.
Enterprises building web services in the Cloud that are capturing a large number of images which cannot be manually processed due to the large volume.

What's New in ScanFix Xpress Version 7
New Automatic Features
  • Rotate document images to upright orientation
  • Despeckle bitonal images
  • Adjust brightness and contrast on color and grayscale images
  • Remove hole punch marks on bitonal images
  • Smooth backgrounds on color and grayscale images
  • Correct inverse text (white text on black background)
Product Enhancements
  • Improved deskew
  • Improved border crop
  • New, easier to use image transfer
  • New licensing model
  • ISIS Xpress is included in the installer for easy evaluation (license not included)
Color Detect & Auto Binarize
Color Detect:
  • Allows for mixed document color scanning applications containing both color and black and white documents
  • Analyzes 24-bit images looking for significant amounts of saturated color data
  • Recommends if color images can safely be converted to bitonal
Auto Binarize:
  • Provides improved automatic conversion of 8-bit and 24-bit grayscale and color images to black and white
  • Automatic mode analyzes images to determine best binarization methods and settings
  • Offers user-configurable options to fine tune results
Page Enhancement
Color Deskew:
  • Automatically straightens crooked 1, 8, and 24-bit images
  • Reports correction angle in a fraction of a second, based on image contents, not document perimeter or border
  • Offers user configurable High Quality vs. High Speed setting
  • Automatically detect and correct orientation of documents
Auto Border Crop:
  • Automatically converts dark borders to white or removes border completely on 1, 8, and 24-bit images
  • Reduces image file size (physical dimensions and compressed file size)
  • Automates border crop (user configurable to report or automatically correct)
  • Use on microfilm/microfiche scans or small document images
Blank Page / Blank Rectangle Detection:
  • Identifies and reports blank pages, or blank areas of interest, on 1, 8, and 24-bit images
  • Configures settings to accommodate bleed-through or noisy images (i.e. ignore hole punches)
  • Increases storage capacity by eliminating blank pages
Image Registration:
  • Registers the image "contents" to be a specified distance from the top and/or left side of the page
  • Applies to 1, 8, and 24-bit images
  • Use with zonal recognition to establish the position of the text
Image Detergent® & Filters
Image Detergent®:
  • Cleans up noise and variations in specified colors in 24-bit color images
  • Flattens each color region to a specified color by adjusting each color region to its center point
  • Offers an automatic mode to clean dominant colors or can specify color list
  • Removes JPEG compression artifacts commonly found around characters in scanned color documents
  • Applies various filter operations to 8-bit and 24-bit images
  • Offers a variety of options including smoothing filters (Gaussian, median, average), sharpening filters (unsharp mask), morphological filters (dilate, erode, open, close), edge detection filters (Laplacian, Prewitt), and provision for user defined convolution filters
Text Correction
Auto Inverse Text Correction:
  • Detects and automatically converts inverted text zones on 1-bit images
  • Changes white-on-black text to normal black-on-white
Auto Negate:
  • Analyzes 1, 8, and 24 bit images to determine if they are inverted (light text on dark background, dark text on light background)
  • Offers automated correction to reverse colors, if needed (user configurable to report or automatically correct)
Adjust Brightness & Contrast
  • Analyzes and corrects the brightness and contrast of 8-bit grayscale and 24-bit color document
  • Corrects the image using either a globally applied brightness remapping or adaptive remapping
Color Removal
Color Drop:
  • Locates specified RGB colors in 24-bit images and drops those colors to white or a specified color
  • Identifies pixels to change based on proximity to user-specified color values
  • Provides very precise control over color manipulation
  • Supports color conversion and color blending to target color
Virtual Bulb®:
  • Performs software-based HSV color dropout on 24-bit images, emulating a hardware-based dropout scanner through much more powerful and flexible technology
  • Allows multiple hues and ranges within hues to be dropped to white and adjacent colors to fade into shades of gray
  • Compensates for variations in color saturation and brightness caused by printing environments
Character Enhancement
Character Completion & Smoothing:
  • Repairs, smoothes, and thickens incomplete characters on 1-bit images
  • Performs well on poor dot matrix text
  • Smoothes ragged edges on letters
Dilate and Erode:
  • Thickens or thins objects in 1, 8, and 24-bit images
  • Apply horizontal, vertical, or diagonal adjustments
  • Increases recognition accuracy in lightly printed or very thick text
Hole Punch & Line Removal
Hole Punch & Blob Removal:
  • Removes hole punches and larger areas of black on 1-bit images
  • Enables user configurable threshold settings
Line Removal:
  • Automatically removes solid or broken lines (horizontal and vertical) from scanned forms and documents on 1-bit images
  • Automatically repairs text that intersects with lines (fill broken characters), essential for accurate OCR / ICR and forms processing
Comb Removal (commonly used in ICR forms):
  • Automatically removes data entry combs from forms in 1-bit images
  • Automatically repairs text that intersects with lines (fill broken characters), essential for accurate ICR
Included Components
  • ScanFix® Xpress for image cleanup
  • ImagXpress® for image compression/decompression and display
  • NotateXpress™ for adding image annotations
  • PrintPRO™ for printing
  • ThumbnailXpress™ to view thumbnail images
  • TwainPRO™ to acquire images from TWAIN devices
Background Cleanup
Noise Removal:
  • Removes random specks or noise on 1-bit images
  • Performs speck removal based on user-specified speck size
Dot Shading Removal:
  • Automatically removes dot shading for improved OCR accuracy on 1-bit images
  • Removes scanner noise caused by colored backgrounds
  • Significantly reduces compressed file sizes without destroying text
Additional Image Processing
  • Performs Flip, Mirror, Rescale, Rotate, and Shear on 1, 8, and 24-bit images
  • Offers Smooth-Zoom to double the width and height of a 1-bit image and smooth objects for better recognition (ideal for improving barcode and OCR results)
Sub-Image Processing
  • Applies to 1, 8, and 24-bit images
  • Separates out an area, from the original document image, prior to image processing
  • Speeds up processing and outputs only the smaller area of interest