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ArCADia-DISTRIBUTION BOARDS is an industry-specific module of the ArCADia BIM system. The program enables the development of the professional technical documentation required to produce single-line circuit diagrams. The program is designed both for designers of networks and electricity and power systems, as well as for all people working in the electrical engineering industry.
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ArCADia-DISTRIBUTION BOARDS 2   315.00 AddtoCart
  • The quick and efficient design of single-line schematic diagrams for switchgears. Automatic generation of actual views of distribution boards. The possibility to create control systems.
  • The automatic generation of a distribution panel diagram designed using the ArCADia-ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS overlay.
  • A database of electric devices, instruments and electric device symbols (Cam switches, Frequency inverters, Softstarts, Fuses, Voltage coils).The expanded library of electrical equipment (Legrand, Moeller, Schneider, Hager, ABB, Jean Muller).
  • The possibility to create an actual view of a distribution board and to put in electric devices.