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The ArCADia-GAS INSTALLATIONS allows you to create installation drawings, while creating calculation schemes and generating axonometric views and developments. The module allows you to verify the correctness of the designed installation in terms of hydraulics and the selection of equipment.
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ArCADia-GAS INSTALLATIONS 2   270.00 AddtoCart
  • Ability to transform a regular CAD line installation into the gas pipe structure to become objects of the ArCADia system.
  • The determination of the design gas demand for a building supplied with gas of any combustion properties, including the coincidence factor.
  • Calculations for total pressure loss for all routes to gas appliances and the determination of the minimum and maximum pressure before a gas appliance.
  • Possibility of inserting fittings directly on the axonometry drawing with automatic consideration on the view and in the lists.
  • Generation of calculation schemes for all gas supply paths to receivers.
  • Automatic creation of a drawing of the development of the entire designed gas installation.
  • The generation of calculation reports containing sectional gas losses in individual design sections, with the possibility of adjusting the diameters of sections.