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A Balanced Scorecard metrics support software. BSC Designer is a balanced score card (BSC) support software. It was designed to help building balanced score card.
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BSC Designer Online - Annual Subscription- 1 User   719.40 AddtoCart
BSC Designer Online - Annual Subscription- 2-9 Users   647.46 AddtoCart
BSC Designer Online - Annual Subscription- 10-24 Users   611.49 AddtoCart
BSC Designer Online - Annual Subscription- 25-49 Users   575.52 AddtoCart
BSC Designer Online - Annual Subscription- 50-99 Users   539.55 AddtoCart
BSC Designer Online - Annual Subscription- 100-199 Users   503.58 AddtoCart
BSC Designer Online - Annual Subscription- 200-499 Users   467.61 AddtoCart
BSC Designer Online - Annual Subscription- 500-10000 Users   431.64 AddtoCart

Balanced Scorecard is a conception that transforms strategy to action. Balanced Scorecard is a set of principles that facilitate the understanding of business strategy and goals. BSC is a methodology that converts strategy into real action.  

BSC Designer software is a tool that supports building a Balanced Scorecard system for a company, department or for a sole person. This program helps to build a system that will make it easy to go from strategy to action.  

BSC Designer is an ultimate set of Balanced Scorecard (?) software and web-service solutions, that makes it easy to successfully measure, control and improve business performance.

Why use BSC Designer

The BCS Designer is one of the most powerful and easy to use Balanced Scorecard software on the market. The product is:

  • User-friendly – fast to learn and easy to use
  • Compatible to any business model - based on strategic goals
  • Capable to drive business success – helps to put strategies into practice

How BSC Designer software works

With the BSC Designer software, you can manage your strategies in a professional way. Here is how simple it is:

  1. Add all your strategic goals in the system
  2. Assign KPIs and initiatives to each goal
  3. Create professional strategy maps
  4. Link strategic goals and KPIs to the strategy maps
  5. Update or add new content at any time

What is the Balanced Scorecard concept

Balanced Scorecard is an executive corporate system used for strategic planning and management.  Businesses worldwide use this concept to achieve maximum business success, by closely monitoring and controlling business performance and progress in achieving strategic goals.

It is part of the KPI based Management and it was put together by Harvard Business School professor Dr. Robert S. Kaplan, along with business consulting specialist David P. Norton in 1990.

Through the BSC Designer software, you can implement the Balanced Scorecard concept into your business in a simple and effective manner that will give results straight away.

By using the BSC Designer ultimate set of Balanced Scorecard software and web service solutions, you can:

1. Perform precise planning

At the foundation of the Balanced Scorecard concept is that the business must turn the strategic plan process into one of the key functions. Through a well-developed strategy, at the core of the business must lay a precise theory of exact measured values which make it possible to create realistic forecasts.

This exact measured values are KPIs, that are strategically focused and measured under a wide range of factors in order to give valuable and correct results. This results offer a snapshot of the business at precise points in time, but can also show progress over time.

2. Turn vision into strategy from 4 business perspectives

The Balanced Scorecard concept takes a 4-dimensional perspective to business strategy, with each of them potentially containing its own sub-perspectives and exact goals. The perspectives are the following:

  • Financial perspective
  • Customer perspective
  • Innovation and learning perspective
  • Internal process perspective

A well-implemented Balanced Scorecard concept provides linking between internal business processes and strategic goals, and a framework for ensuring that all business components are working towards achieving the core business vision.

Balanced Scorecard is aimed to link the strategic and operational activities of the company so effectively, that every employee (even at the lowest hierarchy level), can understand exactly what strategic goal he or she is helping to achieve, when working on any task.

BSC Designer Software Editions

BSC Designer is a software tool that automatically incorporates the the Balanced Scorecard concept and other KPI-based management systems into the business model. BSC Designer is extremely user-friendly and simple to learn, yet has very powerful features for monitoring business performance and success.

BSC Designer makes it possible to create projects that would support any KPI-based Management concept (including Balanced Scorecard). It automates most implementation and maintenance processes, minimizing costs and efforts.

BSC Designer is available in three desktop editions that have different pricing schedules which include BSC Designer Light  (freeware with very limited functionality), BSC Designer Standard (allowing for many more functions and having a mid-level pricing) and BSC Designer Pro (a fully-functioning tool for real professionals that absolutely warrants its higher price).

We provide different editions of our tools so that they can become good solutions for almost any business activity, from small home businesses to huge corporations.

BSC Designer Online is a great solution for multiple project uses. It is perfect for users who travel a lot and for transnational and online businesses. BSC Designer makes it much easier to coordinate through the Internet. This powerful edition can be purchased though special credits, allowing customers to use it with a limitation on time and the number of projects that they can work on.