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Compare Suite is a file and folder compare utility. That allows comparing files of popular formats, using such compare methods as "by words" and "by keywords", compare folders, and generate a comparative report. Document audit function is available.
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Compare Suite is a file and folder comparison tool. It supports several comparison methods.Compare Suite includes useful tools for various aspects of document comparison and merging.


  • File comparison contrast any to any file, including popular office formats: MS Word, Excel, PDF, RTF, Web Pages. Now Office 2007 formats (docx and xlsx) and Open Office formats are supported, compare RAR and Zip archives.

  • By keywords comparison allows to match non-related documents with different structure.

  • Compare two folders feature allows to find and synchronize changes that were made in two folders.

  • Report can be created once you compared two files or folders. It contains detailed comparison information.

  • Document audit allows to accept or decline changes that were made in plain text files.

  • Ignore words. Starting version 5.0 Compare Suite can ignore certain keywords or strings while comparison.

  • Syntax highlighting. Compare Suite can now highlight syntax for some popular formats, such as .pas, .php, .htm, .asm, .cpp and other.

  • Multimedia and graphics comparison. Compare Suite can compare information from multimedia and graphic formats.

  • Command line allows to automate comparison and integrate Compare Suite with other software products, Compare Suite can be a part of quality assurance script set.

  • Server-side comparison. Provide your employees with ability to compare documents on-line.


Compare Suite provides you with:

  • Effective, comparison based analysis of text,Compare Suite can compare html files, compare binary files, compare Microsoft Word documents, compare Excel spreadsheets.

  • Folder Comparison

  • Reporting solution that enables using comparison results outside Compare Suite

  • Document audit solution based on Compare Suite merge function

System Requirements

  • Compare Suite requires a PC with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista to run.

  • 5 MB of free disk space.

  • 50 Mb free disk space for temporary data that Compare Suite creates while comparing large folder structures (about 1000 of files and folders) and generating advanced report.

  • Internet Explorer 4 or higher - for correct comparison reports

  • MS Office, with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel installed for comparison of .doc and .xls documents