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Create custom SNMP Manager, Trap and Agent applications for monitoring and controlling network devices.
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PowerSNMP for .NET Subscription (Developer License with Subscription Support)   1199.00 AddtoCart
PowerSNMP for .NET Subscription 4 pack (Developer License with Subscription Support)   3837.00 AddtoCart
PowerSNMP for .NET Subscription 8 pack (Developer License with Subscription Support)   6714.00 AddtoCart

Email Address Validation and List Verification Component

A .NET library that provides the flexibility, stability and ease-of-use desired for validation email addresses in your windows forms and ASP.NET projects. Includes C#, VB code examples and sample applications.


  • Seven levels of validation featured
  • Syntax verification is customizable
  • Query mail servers for confirmation of recipients
  • DNS and SMTP sessions are fully configurable
  • Step-by-step, or completion-only, progress options
  • MX Record and domain resolution capabilities


  • Blacklist and Whitelist support
  • Unique "Greenlist" feature for domains that always validate
  • Domain caching options
  • Persistent connections for shared domains
  • Fully developed in managed C#
  • 64-bit OS support


  • Complete list validation with a single method call
  • SMTP and DNS protocol knowledge is not required
  • Asynchronous (event-driven) and synchronous (blocking) support
  • Full drag/drop integration within Visual Studio
  • Integrates with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012
  • Many sample projects in C# and VB.NET, including ASP.NET