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The AutoBatch plug-in is an advanced plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Professional® software. The AutoBatch adds a command-line batch file functionality to the Adobe® Acrobat® Pro software. It allows users to execute any existing Action Wizard "action" from a command-line batch file and pass custom input/output file or folder paths as parameters.
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AutoBatch Plug-in Single User License   267.68 AddtoCart
AutoBatch Plug-in / Single Server License   536.43 AddtoCart
AutoBatch Plug-in / Small Office 5 Users License   751.43 AddtoCart
AutoBatch Plug-in / Single Site License Unlimited Users (Single Site)   1396.43 AddtoCart
AutoBatch Plug-in / Multiple Sites License Unlimited Users (Multiple Sites)   3223.93 AddtoCart
The AutoBatch provides easy to use interface for creating batch files that does not require any type of programming or typing. Just select a desired Action Wizard "action" ("batch sequence" in Acrobat 9 and below) from the list and choose few other parameters. The plug-in will automatically generate a batch file for you. Batch files can be invoked from a command-line prompt, from other batch files, Windows Explorer or Windows Task Scheduler. The Adobe Acrobat Professional® software is automatically started and exited once processing is completed. It's possible to overwrite input/output file or folder selection in the Acrobat batch sequence/action and pass a different path as a parameter of the batch file.