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AutoDocMail is a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat software for automatic distribution of PDF documents via e-mail. The recipients' email addresses are either extracted from a document’s text or assigned based on user-supplied “keyword-to-email” or “file name-to email” correspondence tables. Each PDF file will be delivered as an email attachment in a separate email message.
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AutoDocMail Plug-in Single User License   203.18 AddtoCart
AutoDocMail Plug-in / Small Office 5 Users License   591.25 AddtoCart
AutoDocMail Plug-in / 10 User License   966.43 AddtoCart
AutoDocMail Plug-in / Single Site License Unlimited Users (Single Site)   1718.93 AddtoCart
AutoDocMail Plug-in / Multiple Sites License Unlimited Users (Multiple Sites)   3223.93 AddtoCart
The plug-in takes a list of PDF files as input and searches documents text, annotations and properties for email addresses and message subjects. If there are no email addresses in the document, they can assigned via keyword associations. The results of this search are presented to the user for review and editing. The user can add or remove recipients, and modify a message's subject or the content of each e-mail message. Once satisfied with the results, the user sends documents for distribution via e-mail. Outgoing documents can be optionally secured with a password with specific access permissions (such as editing and printing etc.). The plug-in maintains a message log that records a date, time, file name, and all recipients of each document / e-mail message.