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AutoPagex is an advanced plug-in for Adobe Acrobat software. It is designed to automate many tasks related to page management and content editing. The software provides functionality to move pages within a document, divide pages into multiple ones, duplicate pages, change page size, insert and delete blank pages, repeat page content into number of rows and columns, flatten form fields, and reverse page order in the document.
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AutoMassSecure Plug-in Single User License   170.93 AddtoCart
AutoMassSecure Plug-in / Small Office 5 Users License   536.43 AddtoCart
AutoMassSecure Plug-in / Single Site License Unlimited Users (Single Site)   1718.93 AddtoCart
AutoMassSecure Plug-in / Multiple Sites License Unlimited Users (Multiple Sites)   3223.93 AddtoCart
AutoMassSecure plug-in is designed to secure multiple PDF documents at once. The plug-in takes a folder or a set of selected PDF files as input. Every document is secured according to user-defined settings and protected with an individual password.

Secured documents are saved into an output folder without overwriting the original documents. For each output document a record is added to the password file containing a time stamp, output file path and the password(s) generated. The password file can later be accessed by other applications to retrieve this information and perform all necessary processing.