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AKS-Labs File Search Assistant

File Search Assistant is a file and text search utility with indexing ability. With Files Search Assistant you can search text in plain text files, htm files, together with office documents -- MS Office files (.doc and .xls) and Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf).
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File Search Assistant PRO for 1 user   140.00 AddtoCart
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File Search Assistant Standard 2+Licenses   - ContactUs

File Search Assistant

Introducing File Search Assistant from AKS-Labs, the all-in-one file search utility that allows you to quickly find exactly the text you need, no matter what kind of file it’s in.  Search for plain text or special symbols, target exactly the folders you want, filter your search by file size and date, and preview your results in context.  You can even index your files, analyze your disk usage, and save your results, so your next search will be even faster..

  • First, choose your search terms.  You can search for one or more words, whole phrases, or use regular expressions, like “+cats +dogs” or “+cats -dogs”.
  • Search for UNICODE text, or for special symbols like line breaks.  Or, search for special characters by HEX code.
  • Then, choose where you’d like to search.  You can search a single folder or a group of folders, on your hard drive or your local network.  Include or exclude individual folders from your search.  Even filter your search to find files of a particular size, or files that were modified on a particular date.


  • Search all kinds of files, regardless of format or encoding. Of course you can search MS Office documents, like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and Powerpoint presentations.  But you can also find any matching text in your OpenOffice documents, Adobe PDF documents, RTF (Rich Text Format) documents, and in the text and metatags on your HTML web pages.  Search the tags on your images, videos, and multimedia files, as well.  Search password-protected documents.  Even search files inside WinZip and WinRAR archives.
  • And Preview your results. File Search Assistant doesn’t  just show you a list of your matching files.  It shows you a preview of each of those files.  You’ll see exactly where your keywords were found.  You’ll even see the surrounding text.  You can preview one file at a time, or preview all of your search results at once.

And File Search Assistant also includes several additional features.

  • Index your files, to make your next search even faster. Choose fixed indexing for files on your hard drive, or portable indexing for files on a thumb drive.  Choose dynamic re-indexing, to update your index every time your file changes.  Or, mix and match your indexing options: choose fixed indexing with dynamic re-indexing for files you use every day, or portable indexing without re-indexing for files on a CD-ROM.
  • Analyze your disk space, to use your computer more efficiently. File Search Assistant can quickly spot the largest folders on your hard drive, as well as any duplicate files.  Then, you can delete or move any files you don’t need.