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Easily compare and merge text files; compare doc, xls and pdf files; prepare comparison reports and printouts.
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Compare It for 1 - 1 Licences   29.00 AddtoCart
Compare It for 2 - 9 Licences   24.00 AddtoCart
Compare It for 10 - 19 Licences   19.00 AddtoCart
Compare It for 20 - 49 Licences   13.00 AddtoCart
Compare It for 50 - 99 Licences   11.00 AddtoCart
Compare It 100 + Licences   9.00 AddtoCart
New viewers: compare binary and image files.
Automatch rules: simplify comparison of structured files by using key fields.
New editing engine:Now true editing is possible within comparison panes, with full support of mouse and keyboard operations, clipboard, bookmarks, etc.
Syntax highlighting will be useful for all software/web developers. Built-in support for C++, Java, C#, Delphi, HTML + custom syntax files.
Word wrapping within editor pane - now you can easily see changes in long lines without having to scroll view.
MS Word, Excel, PDF, RTF files comparison.
Zip archives support:transparently compare file with its zipped version.
Converters: now you can use Compare It! to compare non-text files
Moved Sections: Compare It! can detect and visualize moved sections, similar to what well-known WinDiff does.