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ArCADia-RAMA contains a library of rolled and cold-formed profiles, reinforced concrete and timber elements. The program can be used for easy insertion of planar and spatial bar structures, both small systems comprising a number of bars, and large 3D structures containing hundreds of bars and nodes.
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Data is intuitively entered in the program - the construction geometry can be defined using only a mouse. The program works with CAD-type applications and the ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE system.

It is possible to design such construction systems as: multi-level and multi-bay frames, planar and spatial trusses, lattice towers, membrane structures, bar grates, etc. The program makes it possible to work with design and verification modules according to Eurocodes: EuroReinforcedConcrete, EuroFooting, EuroWood, EuroSteel, EuroSteel BUILT-UP.