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Audials Moviebox 2016 is our answer to the ongoing technological changes on the Internet and to Windows 10. In order to be able to record, download, save and convert anything, software updates are frequently required. Now Audials Moviebox 2016 provides an automatic updating of the “recording engine”. Even free manual updates – which will be necessary less frequently – will be possible now much more conveniently at just one click. In other areas too, there are both small and large changes as well as innovations and improvements to be discovered and experienced.

The advantages provided by this alone make the switchover worthwhile!

Streaming Is the Trend of Our Times

Audials is the leading streaming recorder for saving from all paid-for and protected media services. This is something that freeware tools cannot do. Even if they could, it wouldn’t be for a very broad range of platforms and it wouldn’t last very long due to platforms constantly changing their technologies. Audials has a team of software engineers for maintaining of the ongoing functionality of the Audials recorder by constantly adjusting it and developing it further. This is an investment for us and a promise for our users. However, it is only if the Audials software is kept fully updated that the recording functions can be safeguarded. Prior to the latest generation of Audials, this meant time-consuming effort for users. However, that’s all changed a whole lot with Audials Moviebox 2016.

New Additional Auto-Update Function with Audials Generation 2016

Audials 2016 contains a new powerful recording component, which ensures Audials is compatible with all major audio and video streaming services. Whenever a streaming service will technically change, Audials will automatically update this component at startup. Thus Audials will remain compatible to all major streaming services and allow you to record them in highest quality. The number of updates to download for installation and the resulting time consumption is therefore drastically reduced. Conversely, Audials 2016 users can benefit from new improvements and tweaks immediately when launching the software! Only with Audials 2016, can users keep pace with technological developments, such as those for streaming!

Audials 11 and Older Cannot Record Protected Streams That Use Current Technological Standards

Due to the ongoing changes to platforms and the technological improvements of recent years, older Audials generations cannot record any streams from portals and media services that have switched to the current technological standards (or from other sources once they do so soon). Expired Audials generations, purchased prior to 2014, cannot record any protected streams because the Audials technology did not exist at the time. In addition, they are no longer supported. Information about this development and its implementation was provided in 2014 with the release of Audials 12. This switchover will probably be completed by the paid-for services by the end of 2015, with many video portals likely to follow suit in 2016. If you want download videos from YouTube as well as recording films and TV series from paid-for services, then switching over to Audials Moviebox 2016 is not something you should hold back from.

Video Converter

Convert for Everyday Needs Fast and Easy with 84 Device Profiles

New and up-to-date device profiles and additional file formats provide even more flexibility and comfort in Audials Moviebox 2016. This means, for example, you convert a HD blockbuster movie to the right format with a single click and with perfectly adjusted resolution for your device. You bring the film and the devices – and Audials takes care of everything else, knowing all the most important details about video formats, including codecs, containing folders and the rest!

Computer Workload for Copying Films from Apple iTunes Often Underestimated

In Audials 2016, the copying of protected films using playback-based recording has been further optimised. For a 90-minute film in full HD with a resolution of 1.920 x 1.080 pixels and 25 frames per second, a Windows PC has to record 135.000 images and a total of 279.936.000.000 pixels while simultaneously playing the film. Many PCs are not designed for this level of performance. With the new Audials Generation 2016, the recording coding has been further optimised. Using the new resolution limitation function, even entry-level PCs and high-performance models of years past can record and save full HD films from start to finish. In addition, you have full control while recording with the new mini-window.