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You know the music. Radiotracker has got the stations. All hits & stars, every genre & every radio station. It is your music – legal, free & fast!
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You know the music. Radiotracker 6 has got the stations.

All hits & stars, every genre & every radio station. It is your music – legal, free & fast!

The largest selection – available at unparalleled speed

80 genres, every artist, millions of songs and every radio station in the world are all just a mouse click away. Radiotracker"s groundbreaking technology automatically downloads your songs in less than a minute, making it the most popular, the most decorated and the absolute best-selling web radio software in online and retail outlets in the process. No subscription, no hidden fees, just music edited perfectly in music shop quality and, due to free and legal real-time recordings of Internet radio stations, there is no copy protection!

Why Radiotracker? What sets it apart?

There are numerous reasons and two special features in particular that no one else offers. Only Radiotracker can simultaneously monitor many thousands of online radio stations via the users’ Audials network and finds specified radio stations within the shortest amount of time possible to automatically record targeted music.

Radiotracker is the only software on the planet that records music in the music store quality you desire. And only Radiotracker can automatically record songs from all broadcasting radio stations without any commercials or talk.

The world"s top-selling software for targeted recordings from web radio stations

The leading market research institute has confirmed that Radiotracker is the top-selling recording program for web radio stations. Radiotracker is also the best-seller in retail outlets in the UK, France and Japan. Radiotracker is available in several languages and, due to its worldwide circulation online, it is the most popular Internet radio recorder around.

Mentioned more internationally and rated higher than any other software of its kind

For years now, trade journalists have confirmed that Radiotracker and its one of a kind wishlists can simultaneously monitor thousands of radio stations and that Radiotracker provides the best alternative for getting music from Internet radio stations fast, free, legal and with minimal effort. Due to its unparalleled PerfectRadio technology, Radiotracker can record all the radio stations around the world and edit them in the highest possible quality. Radiotracker has convinced trade journalists and wowed experts in every test with its unique features, comprehensive additional functions and high degree of user friendliness.

4 times the music for you! Get started now!

Radiotracker allows you to record thousands of MP3s from a given genre in their original bandwidth. You can also have songs by individual artists recorded from thousands of Internet radio stations.

Radiotracker has got all the web radio stations!

Yet another function that no software other than Radiotracker can offer: recordings from every radio station online! The Radiotracker database contains every web radio station and all newcomers can also be added at a later date. With the PerfectRadio technology, you get all the best music straight to your computer automatically!

Podcasts and lots of extras!

Radiotracker delivers tens of thousands of podcasts and provides you with its own directory of the world"s best websites for podcasts – all at your fingertips. You get all the great entertainment and riveting information on a regular basis.

The Radiotracker player allows you to listen to web radio stations, play music, burn CDs/DVDs or transfer files to an MP3 player. Radiotracker also finds ID3 tags, CD artwork and lyrics and allows you to easily organize and manage your collection. The generator for cell phone ringtones lets you create ringtones for your cell phone from downloaded music for free.

Good – better - Radiotracker – AudialsOne!

The best Radiotracker is one program in AudialsOne and gives you thousands of songs – around the clock. Furthermore, AudialsOne also finds music videos and MP3 songs that are hard to find on web radio stations in music portals. AudialsOne ensures that you’ll never have to go without a favorite song again. You’ll also get a universal converter and legal copy protection remover for music, audiobooks, and videos, as well as lots of additional extras!

Together with other software from RapidSolution Software AG, AudialsOne has received almost 600 awards since 2004 from leading computer magazines and is among the Internet"s most popular software. AudialsOne is also one of the top-selling products of its kind in international specialized retail outlets.

Legal Disclaimer

Radiotracker is solely to be used to record music for personal use from legal online radio and social radio stations only. Read more here how to ensure that you only record from legal stations.