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RoutineBot is a visual test automation software. RoutineBot designed to help software developers to test software by working with them as user do, e.g. using GUI.
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RoutineBot 1 User License   495.00 AddtoCart
RoutineBot 2 - 9 User Licenses   375.00 AddtoCart
RoutineBot 10 - 24 User Licenses   282.00 AddtoCart
RoutineBot 25 - 49 User Licenses   239.00 AddtoCart
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RoutineBot 500+ User Licenses   63.00 AddtoCart

Automate visual testing

RoutineBot is a visual test automation software that provides a user with the opportunity to create and execute tests based on image patterns.

Key Benefits of RoutineBot:

  • Allows you to automate visual testing by two methods – manual script design or automatic script recording;
  • Supports Pascal, JavaScript and Basic scripting languages;
  • Can automate a variety of events - mouse events (clicking, moving), keyboard events (entering text), taking screenshots, loading and saving data, downloading files, working with applications and windows;
  • Supports wide range of functions to log events which includes advanced htm log with screenshots of test cases;

How to Test “Hello World” Application with RoutineBot

Manual testing: testing engineer needs to open the application, pass certain parameters and click certain buttons, then make sure that the expected results exist.

With RoutineBot: testing engineer creates image patterns and writes scripts that will click certain buttons, then check if expected results were obtained.

In terms of time and money, manual testing is faster, but it should be considered an expenditure, as you need a testing engineer each time a test is performed. Automated testing should be considered an investment, although you spend more time on designing test script, it can be used in the future.