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SmartSVN is a Subversion client for macOS, Windows and Linux. Available as free Foundation edition and as full-featured Professional edition.
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SmartSVN Professional including 1 year updates and support   99.00 AddtoCart
SmartSVN Professional including 2 years updates and support   133.00 AddtoCart
SmartSVN Professional including 3 years updates and support   164.00 AddtoCart

Tag and Branch Support (SmartSVN Professional)
With SmartSVN Professional you can work with tags and branches as conveniently as if they were native Subversion features. Once you have defined the project repository locations for the trunk, the tags and branches, you won't have to deal with hard-to-remember URLs anymore: Just use tags and branches the way you're used to from other version control systems.

Incoming and Outgoing Change Markers
 In the project directory view you can instantly see which directories contain local modifications (red arrows) and which directories have been changed in the repository (green arrows, SmartSVN Professional).

Revision Graph (SmartSVN Professional) 
The Revision Graph shows the hierarchical history of a file or directory. It provides operations similar to those of the Log command, such as comparing two revisions of a certain file, but surpasses the Log command in presentation and level of detail. Also, the Revision Graph can show upon request which revisions have been merged, have been merged in the selected revision, or haven't been merged yet.