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1. PushOK CVS SCC plugin

Category: Development Type:Tools

First of all CVS SCC proxy is a developer-oriented software or tool, i.e. if you know nothing about software development, then this software is not for you. But as a developer you must have heard about Source Code Control (SCC). When you work alone there is no need in source sharing with other developers, and using of SCC is usually unnecessary.

2. PushOK SCC Dispatcher

Category: Development Type:Tools

SCC Dispatcher is a program that transparently switches different SCC API providers. It is a tiny SCC API proxy, which enables switching on SCC API level. All communications are redirected to a specific provider. This allows implementation of transparent switching. In other words, you don't have to check which provider is active now.

3. PushOK SEMA

Category: Development Type:Tools

This is GNU GPL open-source project management (group management) system. The package contains: control of contacts, tasks, issues, projects; e-mail notifications; history tracking; workflow control for tasks and much more.

4. PushOK Smart item

Category: Development Type:Tools

This program is destined for creation and management of collections of items. The program enables virtual customization of different items: CDs, DVDs, books, stamps, photos and so on. This is possible because the program allows modifying or creating item data descriptions. In addition to standard functions of programs of that kind, SmartItems supports: loan manager, printing or exporting to HTML, unlimited two-level tree-structured categories, detailed search, folder icons customization, native full-featured viewers for PDA.

5. PushOK SVN COM/ActiveX

Category: Development Type:Tools

SVNCOM is a set of COM objects designed to provide subversion functionality for purposes of automatization without direct usage of sources or command line client. On Windows OS, COM binding will allow access to subversion almost from any place: .NET code, native Win32 code, vbs scripts (standalone, VB for applications, ASP etc). So you can use subversion in your programs and automatizations scripts easy.

6. PushOK Video Surveliance

Category: Multimedia Type:Tools

Video surveillance system (VSS) is a software analog of a real hardware based system. This means that the program system has the same characteristics as its hardware equivalent: speed, scalability, extensibility and smart and flexible control.

7. PushOKSVN SCC plugin

Category: Development Type:Tools

SVN is another source control system, targeted as replacement for CVS. It claims that it fixes some problems of CVS, like handling of binary files, speed, atomic commits and so on. However, based on our experience we cannot say that it is really better than CVS. This is a big question, answer for which each user should provide based on his experience.

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