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Code Editing and Syntax

1. AraxisMerge

Publisher: Araxis Ltd Type:Application

File Comparison, Merging & folder synchronization Merge is the visual file comparison (diff), merging and folder synchronization application from Araxis. Use it to compare and merge source code, web pages and other text files with native application performance. Compare images and binary files. Synchronize folders.

2. Atlassian Fisheye

Publisher: Atlassian Type:Application

FishEye opens your source code repository and helps development teams keep tabs on what's going on. Track code changes, stay notified of commits via RSS, and search through the guts of the repository — all from the comfort of the Web. If you have Subversion, CVS or Perforce, FishEye is the tool for you.

3. SmartGit

Publisher: syntevo Type:Tools

SmartGit is a graphical Git client with support for SVN and Pull Requests for GitHub and Bitbucket. SmartGit runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.

4. SmartSVN

Publisher: syntevo Type:Tools

SmartSVN is a Subversion client for macOS, Windows and Linux. Available as free Foundation edition and as full-featured Professional edition.

5. SmartSynchronize

Publisher: syntevo Type:Tools

SmartSynchronize is a tool to compare files and directories and merge files. It runs on macOS, Windows and Linux.

6. SourceInsight

Publisher: Source Dynamics Inc. Type:Application

Source Insightâ„¢ is a project-oriented program editor and code browser, with built-in analysis for C/C++, C#, and Java programs.

7. VB Friend

Publisher: Aivosto Oy Type:ADD-In

Add indentation, complete missing code, auto-correct, backup, and get more desktop space.VB Friend v2 is a Visual Basic add-in. It works with Visual Basic 6.0 and requires VB6 run-times installed. VBA is not supported.

8. VisualAssist

Publisher: Whole Tomato Software, Inc Type:Application

Visual Assist X is an add-in to Microsoft Visual C++ that uses an improved parser to enrich the IntelliSense of the VC++ editor and is aware of virtually every symbol in a project to assist in writing code. The parsers execute during editing and do not ship with pre-built symbol databases that restrict the scope of the Intellisense.

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