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Debugging and Testing

1. Atlassian Bamboo

Publisher: Atlassian Type:Tools

Bamboo is a continuous integration (CI) server. Bamboo assists software development teams by providing: automated building and testing of software source-code status. Updates on successful/failed builds. Reporting tools for statistical analysis.

2. Atlassian Jira

Publisher: Atlassian Type:Tools

JIRA lets you prioritise, assign, track, report and audit your 'issues,' whatever they may be — from software bugs and help-desk tickets to project tasks and change requests

3. Docklight Monitoring Cable

Publisher: Flachmann & Heggelbacher Type:Tools

Docklight Monitoring Cable is a custom RS232 cable designed for the use with Docklight Monitoring Mode (full duplex monitoring).

4. Docklight RS232 Adapter

Publisher: Flachmann & Heggelbacher Type:Tools

Docklight RS232 Adapter is a USB-to-RS232 adapter cable for standard RS232 communication using Docklight or Docklight Scripting. It guarantees trouble-free operation on all Windows versions currently supported by the Docklight software applications.

5. Docklight RS232 Terminal / RS232 Monitor

Publisher: Flachmann & Heggelbacher Type:Tools

Docklight is a testing, analysis and simulation tool for serial communication protocols (RS232, RS485/422 and others). It allows you to monitor the communication between two serial devices or to test the serial communication of a single device. Docklight significantly increases productivity in a broad range of industries, including automation and control, communications, automotive, equipment manufacturers, and embedded / consumer products. Docklight is easy to use and runs on almost any standard PC using Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP operating system.

6. Docklight Scripting

Publisher: Flachmann & Heggelbacher Type:Tools

Docklight Scripting features an easy-to-use script language, plus a built-in editor to create and run automated test jobs. A Docklight script allows you to execute all basic Docklight functions (sending predefined data sequences, detecting specific sequences within the incoming data stream, ...) and embed them in your own test code.

7. Docklight Tap

Publisher: Flachmann & Heggelbacher Type:Tools

Docklight Tap is a compact RS232 data tap solution for high performance, time critical monitoring via USB. It is especially designed to ensure low latency for the data capturing.

8. Dynamsoft Source Anywhere

Publisher: Dynamsoft Corporation Type:Tools

Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere is a SQL Server-based source/version control system designed to be a replacement/alternative of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS).

9. Dynamsoft Source Anywhere for VSS

Publisher: Dynamsoft Corporation Type:Tools

It consists of a Server, Cache Server (optional) and several types of Client. They communicate over any standard TCP/IP connection, including a PPP connection over a modem, an ISDN line, or an Ethernet connection on the same LAN as the Server. SourceAnywhere for VSS does not require Windows Remote Access Service (RAS).

10. EJ Technologies JProfiler

Publisher: EJ-technologies GmbH Type:Tools

JProfiler is an all-in-one Java profiler. JProfiler's intuitive GUI helps you find performance bottlenecks, pin down memory leaks and resolve threading issues.

11. JetBrains Resharper

Publisher: JetBrains s.r.o. Type:Tools

ReSharper provides solution-wide error highlighting on the fly, advanced code completion, superior unit testing tools, over 30 advanced code refactorings, multiple handy navigation and search utilities, single-click code formatting and cleanup, automatic code generation and templates, and a lot more productivity features for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, XML, and XAML. ReSharper fully integrates with Visual Studio to intelligently and powerfully extend the functionality that is native to Visual Studio.

12. NCrunch

Publisher: Remco Software Ltd Type:Tools

It intelligently runs automated tests so that you don't have to, and gives you a huge amount of useful information about your tested code, such as code coverage and performance metrics, inline in your IDE while you type.

13. ozcode Debug

Publisher: Ozcode Type:Tools

Cut debugging time in half with the legendary Visual Studio extension for C#

14. PC-lint Plus

Publisher: Gimpel Software Type:Tools

PC-lint Plus is a static analysis tool that finds defects in software by analyzing the C and C++ source code.

15. Project Analyzer

Publisher: Aivosto Oy Type:Tools

Project Analyzer is a Visual Basic code review and quality control tool. Detect logic flaws by automated code review.

16. Ranorex

Publisher: Ranorex GmbH Type:Tools

Ranorex supports all of these technologies, even when these technologies are mixed with standard HTML pages

17. SmartBear QAComplete

Publisher: SmartBear Software Type:Tools

This agile test management application helps you prioritize key test functions, account for risk, plan for coverage, control test execution and report on results for better release decisions.

18. SmartBear TestComplete

Publisher: SmartBear Software Type:Tools

Test Complete is an automated test manager, with project level support for the full range of internal and UI testing. With this automated testing tool, designed for advanced and novice testers alike, you can create, manage and run tests for any desktop, Web or rich client software. Revel in the easy-to-use interface and script-free testing combined with a powerful set of customization features.

19. SmartBear VirtServer

Publisher: SmartBear Software Type:Tools

As the connected world grows, teams face increasing pressure to release high quality APIs quicker than ever before just to maintain a competitive edge. Using advanced mocking (a.k.a. virtual APIs) helps you:

20. Undelete Professional

Publisher: Condusiv Technologies Type:Tools

Undelete replaces the Windows recycle bin with a catch-all Recovery Bin™ that intercepts all deleted files, no matter how they were deleted or who deleted them. Lost file? File recovery is no problem! Use the Recovery Bins Windows Explorer-like interface to navigate to the file, or take advantage of Undeletes powerful search capabilities. Right-click the file, select Recover, and the file is back. Version Protection makes it even easier to restore overwritten versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) files. Just right-click the file and select View Versions and restore the file you want. You can even preview the files before recovery to help you find the right version.

21. Undelete Server

Publisher: Condusiv Technologies Type:Tools

Undelete® 10 Server is the recycle bin for file servers, enabling continuous data protection and eliminating time consuming restores from backup. Undelete ensures every deleted file or version of an Office file on a Windows PC or server can easily be restored—either by IT or by the users they support.

22. VB Watch

Publisher: Aivosto Oy Type:Tools

Take cover from run-time errors. Test, debug and profile your code. Increase the quality, stability and performance of your Visual Basic 6 programs.VB Watch is three tools in one: Profiler, Protector and Debugger. Profiler measures performance and test coverage. Protector implements robust error handling. Debugger helps monitor your executables. VB Watch v2 works with Visual Basic 6.0. It does not support other languages such as VBA, VB.NET or C#.All generated code is 100% pure VB source. You don't need to distribute any extra run-time libraries, unless you use some advanced Protector features.

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