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1. .NET Developer bundle

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

Software quality is a big deal — especially for professional developers and testers So we're offering the full .NET Developer Bundle for a fraction of the price of the individual tools.

2. .NET reflector

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

Third-party platforms aren't always well-documented. Use .NET Reflector to look inside their assemblies, and see how they work and which APIs you can call

3. .NET Reflector VSPro

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

Decompile, understand, and fix any .NET code, even if you don't have the source

4. ANTS Memory Profiler

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

Profile your code's use of unmanaged memory Create better performing, less resource-intensive applications

5. ANTS performance profiler professional

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

Enhanced data access profiling, with support for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL

6. ANTS performance profiler standard

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

Find performance bottlenecks fast by profiling both the .NET code and the data access layer Get rich performance data, right-down to line-level timings and expensive database queries

7. Data Compare for Oracle

Category: Database Connectivity Type:Application

With Data Compare for Oracle, we can easily compare the data in two different database builds and generate the synchronization script. It's going save at least an hour of development time each week – and stop me going grey so quickly

8. Schema Compare for Oracle

Category: Database Management Type:Application

We speak to Michelle Malcher, DBA Team Lead at DRW Trading Group, about how Schema Compare for Oracle has ensured more reliable releases for DRW and saves her team time

9. SmartAssembly

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

SmartAssembly is an obfuscator that helps protect your application against reverse-engineering or modification, by making it difficult for a third-party to access your source code.

10. Source Control for Oracle

Category: Database Management Type:Application

Source Control for Oracle is a Windows application that makes it easy to version-control your schemas with SVN and TFS. You can continue making changes in your IDE without the need to work on separate script files, so there's no disruption to the way you work.

11. SQL Backup Professional

Category: SQL Type:Application

Backup, restore, and verify: the three main features of any good backup strategy, made easier with SQL Backup Pro 7. SQL Backup Pro 7 enables you to schedule backup jobs, taking faster, smaller, and more secure SQL Server database backups. It can also test backup files when they are created by including CHECKSUM and RESTORE VERIFYONLY.

12. SQL Compare

Category: SQL Type:Application

71% of the Fortune 100 use SQL Compare – because it's relentlessly tested, because it's easy to use, fast, and saves time. You can work with live databases, database snapshots, SQL scripts in source control, or backups. SQL Compare helps you compare and deploy changes quickly, simply and with zero errors.

13. SQL Data Compare

Category: SQL Type:Tools

SQL Data Compare is the industry-standard tool for comparing and deploying SQL Server database contents. You can work with live databases, backups, or SQL scripts in source control. With the command line interface you can automate tasks and schedule comparisons to easily create an audit trail.

14. SQL Data Generator

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

SQL Data Generator is a fast, simple tool for generating realistic test data. It can instantly provide generators based on table and column names, field length, data types, and other existing constraints. They can be customized to meet your requirements.

15. SQL Dependency Tracker

Category: SQL Type:Application

Tracking dependencies by hand traditionally relies on the personal knowledge of whoever designed the database. However, this person is often no longer available. Automated SQL Server dependency tracking and reporting minimizes downtime and ensures business continuity.


Category: SQL Type:Application

You can create documents as HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word or Compiled HTML Help files.

17. SQL Index Manager

Category: SQL Type:Application

SQL Index Manager enables you to quickly and easily find out the status of your indexes and discover which databases need maintenance. You can then choose to perform the maintenance task required through the UI, or view the T-SQL script to execute the command via SSMS.

18. SQL Monitor

Category: SQL Type:Application

SQL Monitor offers performance monitoring and alerting through a web-based UI, so you can keep track of SQL Server wherever you are. We built it to show you server performance in real time, bring problems to your attention before anyone else notices, and give you the data you need to fix the problem.

19. SQL Multi Script

Category: SQL Type:Application

Designed to speed up database administration for DBAs and database developers, SQL Multi Script enables fast and easy execution of multiple scripts against multiple SQL Servers.

20. SQL Prompt

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

SQL Prompt takes care of formatting, object renaming, and other distractions, leaving you to concentrate on how the code actually works

21. SQL Source Control

Category: SQL Type:Application

Seamless database version control SQL Source Control makes database version control seamless. It links your databases to your existing source control system straight from SQL Server Management Studio, so you can source control databases without disrupting your workflow.

22. SQL test

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

It’s simple to set up, you don’t need extra tools, and you don’t need to learn new technologies.

23. SQL Toolbelt

Category: SQL Type:Application

The SQL Toolbelt allows developers and DBAs to gain access to our essential SQL Server tools. This means that when you are working with SQL Server databases, you can finally have the most powerful set of tools right there when you need them.

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